Things to Consider When Looking for the Cheapest Possible Tyres

Tyres are the only part of your vehicle that is actually in contact with the road surface. They play a key part in the way your vehicle handles - and especially braking distances. 


Much independent research has been done comparing the performance of cheap tyres against quality brands and the results speak for themselves. 


At Hereford Tyres we stock a huge range of tyres across all sizes and price points including a wide range of budget tyres, but we take your safety very seriously and for that reason we only stock good quality budget tyres from reputable manufacturers.


Price may be an important consideration for you when replacing your tyres, however please be aware that low end cheap tyres will not perform in the same way as better quality tyres. We advise everybody to steer clear of the cheap, poor quality imports stocked by some suppliers.  


We compromise on price, never quality.

Premium vs Budget Tyres - Key Points to Consider

  1. Up to 16 metres reduction in stopping distance (based on travelling at 60MPH).
  2. Up to 20% reduction in rolling resistance.
  3. 20% less chance of aquaplaning.
  4. Possible 33% longer lifetime.
  5. Fuel savings of up to 4%.
  6. Reduced CO2 emissions.
  7. Minimised pollutants.
  8. Up to 33% quieter.