Hereford Tyres has made significant investment in Hunter Engineering's Four Wheel Alignment System which enable us to realign your vehicle back to its original factory settings. This system is acknowledged as being far superior to the traditional 'Tracking' which typically uses gauges hanging from the vehicle and can only achieve approximate measurements.

Why is Alignment Important?

Have your alignment professionally checked at least once a year or every 12-15,000 miles.  Also, if you hit a kerb or pothole which may have an impact on your alignment, you should get the vehicle checked as soon as possible. There are many benefits to ensuring your vehicle is correctly aligned:

Save Money

Save Fuel

Extend the life of your tyres

Improve vehcile handling and drive comfort

Improve safety

What Are The Symptoms that a Car is out of Alignment?


Have your vehicle checked if you notice any of the following symptoms:

Excessive or uneven tyre wear

Steering wheel pulls to the left or right

Steering wheel vibration

Steering wheel not centred when the vehicle is moving in a straight line

Sense that the vehicle steering feels 'loose' or the vehicle is 'wandering'

Not all Wheel Alignment Services are the Same

It is important to note that some outlets discuss Wheel Alignment Services when in truth they only have the ability to carry our Wheel 'Tracking', often at very low prices. Please be aware that Tracking will not provide accurate readings and is not the same as professional Wheel Alignment which requires very sophisticated equipment and offers truly accurate results.

What is involved in the Wheel Alignment Service?

The service will vary based upon the type of vehicle and the work involved in carrying out the alignment. In all instances the original alignment settings for your particular vehicle will be downloaded. These settings will be compared against the actual alignment data on the vehicle in its current state and involves a minimum of 12 angle readings.


For vehicles with non-adjustable rear suspension:

Angle readings are measured on all four wheels.

The steering is centred.

Front wheels are referenced to rear thrust line and est to manufacturer specifications.

Result - all four wheels are parallel and the steering wheel is centred.


For vehicles with adjustable rear suspension:

Angle readings are measured on all four wheels.

Rear wheels are set to manufacturer specificaiton (Rear thrust line corresponds to vehicle centreline).

Steering wheel is centred.

Front wheels are referenced to the rear thrust line and set to specification.

Result - all four wheels are positioned straight ahead and parallel, and the steering wheel is centred.


Following the Alignment service you will be provided with the 'before' and 'after' alignment readings for your vehicle, a sample of which can be seen below:

Sample Before and After Wheel Alignment Report

Sample Alignment Report
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