Hereford Tyres carries a wide range of run flat tyres in all popular sizes. Our competitive pricing structure enables you to select the same high quality product available from main vehicle dealerships, but at preferential rates.

Run Flat tyres are specially designed to maintain the car's mobility if the tyre has a puncture. Run flat tyres typically have much thicker sidewalls which will continue to support the weight of the vehicle even when the pressure inside the tyre drops. Run flat tyres are designed to enable the vehicle to continue driving until it is possible to replace or repair the tyre.

Also - in the event of a puncture it may be possible to repair the run flat tyre, depending on the area and extent of damage.


Please contact us on 01432 269212 for further information or to discuss your requirements.

Winter Tyre Solutions for Run Flat Tyres

We have a number of options available to drivers of vehicles with run flat tyres who wish to replace them with a standard winter tyre during the colder months, please contact us for more information. 


Puncture Repairs for Run Flat Tyres

In the event of a puncture it may be possible to repair your run flat tyre, depending on the nature of the damage. Contact us for further information.