Wheels that are are out of balance can introduce a vibration through the vehicle, making it uncomfortable to drive and resulting in the premature wear of not only tyres but also the vehicle suspension, steering components, rotating parts and overall fuel economy so it is important to keep wheels correctly balanced.

If you sense your vehicle starts to wobble above a certain speed, this is a good indicator that your wheel balancing needs attention, although it is important to note that a driver may not always sense an imbalance at the steering wheel. It could be present with but dampened by the vehicle weight.

It is not always possible to sense an imbalance, especially with a heavier vehicle as the vehicle weight can dampen the vibration, though the uneven wear is still taking place unseen.
When you purchase new tyres from Hereford Tyres we will always balance your wheels to ensure new tyres are set up to provide even tyre wear. Our skilled technicians use the very best equipment to guarantee accurate results.

We recommend you have your wheels checked after an impact such as a kerb or pothole, if your notice any abnormality in your tyre,  or as part of your routine tyre & vehicle maintenance every 10,000 miles.

Remember, regular tyre maintenance saves money by improving fuel efficiency, prolonging the life of the tyres and reducing the need to replace other costly parts for your vehicle.


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