Puncture Repairs - While You Wait

If you are unlucky enough to have a flat tyre, or a slow puncture, the good news is that in many cases the existing tyre can be professionally repaired without the need for a new tyre.


A tyre's suitability for repair is based upon a number of factors particularly the area of damage. 


We will be happy to repair a tyre when it is possible to do so. 



Run Flat Tyres

In certain circumstances it is possible to repair punctures in runflat tyres. This depends on the type of damage and its position on the tyre.


Please contact us for more information.

Major Tyre Repairs

In addition to standard puncture repairs which are carried out immediately, we also undertake major tyre repair using a reinforced internal patch and a hot vulcanisation process. 


This technique is suitable for tyres where a standard puncture repair is not appropriate or possible.


A major tyre repair is the perfect solution where the tyre still has good tread depth and can offer a considerable saving against the cost of a new premium tyre.