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Hereford Tyres were early to adopt Winter tyre technology and have become the local experts with a large range of Winter Tyres and All Season Tyres available from stock from a range of leading manufacturers including the award winning Vredestein brand. To discuss the best solution for your vehicle and budget call us on 01432 269212.


To learn more about the benefots of winter tyres click here to watch a short video and learn how they transform vehicle handling and have a big impactant on vehicle safety during the colder weather.

Winter Tyres - Our Recommendations

We have gained significant first hand experience testing the performance of standard summer tyres against specialist winter tyres.


We strongly recommend customers invest in either Winter or All Season tyres to keep their vehicle safely on the road during the cold weather months (when average temperature is 7 degrees C or below - for the UK a good rule of thumb is to change tyres over late October / early November, and swap back again around the end of March).  


We stock a wide range of winter tyres, but demand is typically higher than supply so we recommend you order your tyres as early as possible. Like us, you will probably think winter tyres are one of the best investments you ever made, giving your vehicle a much surer grip on the road and improved braking distances. 


Our Winter tyre range includes all leading brands together with a broad stock of Vredestein Winter Tyres. This Dutch tyre manufacturer has been voted European No.1 Best Winter Tyre for the last 4 years and has become the market leader across much of Europe - providing an outstanding product at an exceptional price.


In many parts of Europe it is a legal requirement for drivers to fit a set of specialist Winter tyres during the winter months. Though not a legal requirement in the UK, following successive hard winters, UK motorists are increasingly switching to Winter tyres during the colder months or opting for All Season tyres, which can be used all year round.


In the UK drivers are six times more likely to have an accident during the winter months, with the numbers rising further when snow and ice add an extra hazard. During the big freeze at the start of 2010, more than 3 million motorists had an accident and 45 per cent had two or more near misses according to a survey by Continental Tyres. Nearly half of all accident claims are made during the winter months.


  • Why are Winter Tyres Different?

Regular tyres harden when the temperature drops below 7C, providing less traction on the road. This increases the risk of spinning off the road, and significantly increases braking distances – which could be critical, especially if you need to make an emergency stop.

Winter tyres and All Season tyres are made with special compounds which retain flexibility in cold conditions. The tread is specifically designed to disperse water effectively and special grooves called sipes create a multitude of biting edges that interlock with the wintry road surface improving braking distances and increasing traction. Typically drivers who use Winter tyres replace them with summer tyres when temperatures rise above 7C (around March).


All Season tyres are designed for drivers who don’t want separate tyres for summer and winter conditions. They keep supple in cold, wintry conditions and offer optimal rigidity in warmer summer temperatures. The ‘3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake symbol, guarantees the tyre meets standards for use in severe snow conditions.


  • What if There’s No Snow?

It is important to understand Winter and All Season tyres handle  infinitely better whenever temperatures are 7C or below, not just in the ice and snow. Control and response levels leave summer tyres standing. The popularity of Winter and All Season tyres is increasing as more and more people realise their safety and mobility benefits.

High demand following the frequent snow falls last winter meant that many popular sizes went out of stock quickly. With early predictions of another harsh winter it is recommended to order tyres for your vehicle as soon as possible.


  • Can I Just Fit Two Tyres?

Winter and All Season tyres should be fitted as a full set of four – fitting them only to two wheels could cause instability through the tyre compounds behaving differently, significantly affecting the balance and stability of the car.
Sometimes, Winter tyres have a lower speed rating than the equivalent summer tyre for your car. It is recommended that your inform your insurance company of any changes.


  • Do I Need a Second Set of Wheels?

No. Your summer tyres can be removed and replaced with Winter tyres. They are then packaged up for storage until you are ready to remove your Winter tyres. All Season tyres are used all year round, avoiding the need for a second set of tyres.


For help & advice about the best solution for your car call 01432 269212.