Keep Safe, Keep Legal - Free Tyre Checks at Hereford Tyres

You may not be aware that a tyre with less than 1.6mm of tread requires twice the braking distance of a vehicle with 3mm of tread. Furthermore - it is is an offence to drive a vehicle with tyres which have any tread below 1.6mm throughout the central three quarters of the tread pattern. If caught driving a vehicle with with tyres below the legal tread limit you may face 3 penalty points on your driving license, and a fine of up to £2,500 per tyre.


Leading tyre manufacturers recommend replacing tyres at 3mm of tread as tests show that below this braking distances are greatly increased.


When you consider road safety, tyres are one of the most important component of any vehicle - they're the only part of the car actually in contact with the road surface. If you are driving with damaged or worn tyres you could be fined, receive penalty points on your license and be in breach of your motor insurance policy.  Why take risks when its easy to ensure your tyres are in good condition?


We will be happy to provide a Tyre Health Check - and this service is completely free of charge.


Our expert technicians will examine the tyres on your vehicle and advise you when replacement is likely to be due and how to get the best wear and performance from your tyres.

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